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Check out the top 50 Kode Zero players below. Click here to see the ranking methodology.

Player ID
Shooting Accuracy [%]
Kode Rating


We use a weighted average of player attributes to calculate the rankings. Note that in the future, a more sophisticated machine learning optimization algorithm will be used to calculate a precise ranking score.

  • Kill-Death-Ratio (KDR): the ratio of a player's total number of kills and total number of deaths

  • Dealt-Taken-Ratio (DTR): the ratio of the total damage dealt to opponents and the total damage taken from opponents (including self-inflicted damage)

  • Shooting Accuracy: the ratio between the total number of opponent hits and the total number of shots taken (weapons only)

  • The total number of games played by the player is also considered in the ranking score

Currently, the KDR has a 50% weight, the DTR has a 35% weight, and the shooting accuracy has a 15% weight. Ranking scores are only updated when a player finishes a full match. They will not be updated if a player leaves the game early.

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