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How do you want to get involved with Kode Zero?

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If you are interested in becoming a Kode Zero advisor, please contact us here. We are constantly looking for credible advisors that can contribute to the marketing, development, and security aspects of our platform. As an advisor, you would receive a certain percentage of the Kode Zero token, as well as lucrative in-game NFTs.

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This project is quite large, and we need to hire many developers for the blockchain integration, 3D artists, and marketing specialists in order to finalize the platform in a timely manner. Thus we are open to investments in exchange for equity shares of the Kode Zero organization.


If you are interested in obtaining a pitch deck, you may contact us here.

The Kode Zero token (KZ0) will be available for purchase through an initial DEX offering (IDO). We will announce the start date of the offering when the IDO has been approved by a launchpad. We will keep you informed via our social media platforms. 

An MVP version of the game is now available, and completely free to play! Download Kode Zero with the link below, and let us know your feedback in our discord channel.

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