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CryptoClash is currently launching an airdrop to users that complete several social media tasks. Upon completion of the simple tasks, users will be rewarded with 2500 CRCL! Below is the list of tasks to complete. When these tasks have been completed, click on the "Verify" below and submit the form so that CryptoClash can verify that the tasks have been completed. If you already completed this form and you received your airdrop key, then click on "Gimme CRCL!" to claim your tokens.

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Airdrop Requirements

Note: the social media accounts used for following and commenting must be active (i.e., regular postings, active engagement with the community, etc.). Bot-based/fake accounts will not be considered for the airdrop.


Go to the CryptoClash Twitter page and follow us


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Go to the CryptoClash Discord page and follow us

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