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We are dedicated to help users learn about the CryptoClash environment and experience the full benefits of the platform. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.

What is CryptoClash?

CryptoClash is a new "Battle Royale" style gaming platform which is established as a third-person shooter that takes place in a cyberpunk world. Multiple divisions are created in order to properly catagorize players based on their skill levels; within these divisions, players can participate in single-player battle royale or team-based staking tournaments. The game will feature many unique abilities.

What kind of game will CryptoClash be?

The CryptoClash gameplay genre will be a third-person shooter (similar to that of Fortnite, but with different gamplay mechanics and different theme). The game will be based on a cyberpunk theme where battles take place in a futuristic environment. Unlike Fortnite (where tournament battles always take place within the same landscape), CryptoClash will create many different worlds and landscapes. This will both preserve the entertainment aspect of the game and create a sense of randomness where winning opportunities are balanced. Players will also have access to many high-tech gadgets/vehicles that will give players certain advantages (i.e., flying cars, teleportation and invisibility abilities, time dilation effects, etc.).

How are the winners determined?

In team-mode, the last standing team are declared the winners. In the single-player battle royale mode, the last-standing player is declared the winner. 

Are there any costs to joining the platform?

No! The platform is completely free, and there are no extra of hidden costs to join the platform and play CryptoClash.

We are currently in the development stage of the project. We will be launching a MVP shortly; stay tuned with our social media channels for updates on the release.

Great! So how do I start?
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